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New Celebrations is published by CyberMin Resources  Editor and Proprietor, Clyde Griffith

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Alternative Resources for Discovering and Celebrating Emmanuel Throughout the Year!

New Celebrations provides resources and encouragement for you to rethink what you celebrate, when you celebrate and how you celebrate what you celebrate.

Each of us tends to set into a pattern of doing what we used to do - without asking the question whether there is a better, more meaningful way of using our time and energy and resources.  

The problem is that unless we do think about the whys and wherefores, we let outside forces define what we should do and how we should do it.

The whole premise of New Celebrations is that there are always alternative ways of engaging in our celebrations that could take on more appropriate meaning for our lives.  

We seek this website to function as an archive of New Celebrations materials that could stimulate and inform you to do things differently.  

This is but one of several modals that include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email newsletter and blog.  Explore these pages and the other modes.

Hopefully, something will pique your interest and provide the kind of information, inspiration and support that you will find helpful.


In the midst of the cacophony of all that surrounds us at this time of year in North American culture, it is increasingly difficult to pause and reflect on the reason for the season and how a more appropriate celebration may be more befitting.

Take a look at what resources have been assembled here.  

Use what may be helpful to you.

With proper planning you can have the most meaningful Christmas ever!

Blessing of the Pets

Many churches throughout the world have taken to an annual Blessing of Animals Service.

Most of these services are held on or near the purported date of the birthday of Francis of Assisi, October 4.

Francis is known as the Patron Saint of the Animals and helps planners to have a focus for the services.

Some hold the service in the afternoon others in the morning.  Some hold the service on the church lawn, others actually encourage the pets to come in the church building.

It is good to remember that it doesn’t have to be elaborate to meet a need.

America officially celebrates the anniversary of the Declaration Independence each year on July 4. Celebrations are varied; but, usually consist of community parades, outdoor picnics and gatherings, with food and music - and community displays of fireworks.

Churches have an opportunity to tell a story not usually heard in schools - or churches for that matter.

It’s not a story easily found on television or film.  

It’s a great opportunity to remind folks of the place of the church in the lives of most of the colonists in those early times.  

Some of these resources here could inspire the preacher and/or worship leader to engage the congregation in a real uplifting experience.