In the midst of the cacophony of all that surrounds us at this time of year in North American culture, it is increasingly difficult to pause and reflect on the reason for the season and how a more appropriate celebration may be more befitting.  

The purpose of this website is to bring together resources that reflect a more healthy, a more sane, a more theologically correct approach to more meaningful celebration of Christmas and other holidays.

Of course, for most of us Christmas doesn't just happen.  All around us merchants plan for months on end to convince us that they have the solution to our happiness -- which, after all, is what we are told the season is all about.       

Here, at you will find resources to help reclaim Christmas as a celebration and expression of the faith we hold.  

To truly get a handle on a more appropriate celebration, we need to plan -- perhaps just as long as the merchants do.  

It's not too early.  

It's not too late.

Take a look at what resources have been assembled here.  

Use what may be helpful to you.

With proper planning you can have the most meaningful Christmas ever!

Remember where you are.

Share this web site with others.

Let us know what works for you.

Let us know what doesn't work for you.

And, may you not miss the birthing of Christ this year.

In these days before Christmas browse, explore, and use Advent resources.

Expand your Christmas celebrations, recall traditions of the 12 Days of Christmas.

And remember Epiphany as the grand culmination of the Christmas season.  

The Reverend Clyde Griffith,    CyberMin Resources

Alternative  Christmas Celebrations

Tired of the “Christmas rush,” when the season for festive joy gets hijacked by commerce, anxiety, maybe even exhaustion?

Sometimes we’re tempted with the thought of simply opting out. However, a life devoid of celebration - of parties and feasts and, yes, even extravagance - is no way to live.

What to do? Imagination is the key. Be inventive, establish new rituals (or revise old ones): within your congregation, your family, even your workplace.

What follows is a list of practical suggestions.  Use them to grease your own imagination. And remember: Perseverance is more important that heroic effort.  This year decide on one or two changes. Then build on these in the future. Use these initiatives to establish and maintain new relationships.

Take a look at these suggestions published by the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America - but no longer available from them.

Invite your world into a better Christmas Story . . .

The folks at Advent Conspiracy have published a

Family Christmas Celebration Guide

Take a look!  It’s free!  Download for you and your family to use.

Advent Calendar 2015

We are entering this holy season of Advent to consider how God

came to earth through Jesus to love and save the world.

How might God’s incarnate love help us, as God’s people, to love the material world around us even better?

Using the Advent hymn

“Comfort, Comfort Now My People” as well as suggested actions,

prayers, and reflections, let us communicate God’s saving love

through Jesus Christ to all the world.

Check it out, it’s free to use freely.

Prepared and shared by the Presbyterian Church, USA

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas with Kindness . . .

The best way to countdown the days to Christmas ever.

Warning:  Use of this calendar could enable your very best Christmas celebration ever!

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