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Alternative Resources for Discovering and Celebrating Emmanuel Throughout the Year!

Alternative Gift Catalog

If you want to reclaim the real reason for the season,

     if you want to find Emmanuel,

          If you don't want to miss the coming of the Christ this year,

               remember the clues from our Christian Holy writings:

                    Whenever you do for the least of these, you do for me.

                                        (Check out the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25, verses 31-46.)

Let us be clear, gift-giving is a good thing to do.

     Gift-giving is a concrete way of letting people know you are thinking of them,

           you care for them, and

                 that they are special to you.

But, let us thoughtfully give gifts that are affirming, life-enhancing, community-building,

and justice-celebrating.

Look over these suggestions,

          explore these opportunities,

                   and let your own thoughts springboard from them.

Koinonia Partners, Inc. is a Christian organization seeking to be a "demonstration plot for the Kingdom of God".

Founded in 1942 by Clarence Jordan, author of The Cotton Patch Gospels, Koinonia Farm is an intentional community in Southwest Georgia.  

(Check out the history of Koinonia Farm!)

They write: “We are committed to non-violence and peaceful solutions to society's problems, reconciliation among all people, Christian discipleship, and the empowerment of the poor, the neglected and the oppressed.

We come together, united in our belief in God, to participate in community life, outreach ministries, and business enterprises.”

Check out their Pecan Products

Items from their Bakery

Fair Trade Chocolate

Fair Trade Coffee


Gifts of Food & Beverage:

ECHO— Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization

is a non-profit, Christian organization dedicated to the fight against world hunger. ECHO is a growing network for sharing information, ideas, seeds for plants, training, techniques, books, and solutions to problems.  

ECHO has been fighting world hunger for 18 years by providing seeds, information, and ideas to people in 140 countries

Find out more about ECHO here.

Make meaningful Christmas gifts here.

Through ECHO, you can give a gift that will last a lifetime!  

ECHO’s Online Gift Catalog gives you the opportunity to donate in honor of a loved one.

Your hard-earned money will reduce hunger and improve lives worldwide and your recipient will have the heartwarming feeling knowing that a gift was made in their name!

By enjoying Equal Exchange products you join a movement to support small-scale farmers.

Your actions as a consumer support or discourage actions by businesses.

By making the choice to buy fairly traded products, you help provide health care, education and technical trainings for farmers, workers, and artisans around the world. By supporting Equal Exchange, you join a movement to reclaim the food system – to make it better for farmers, consumers and the earth.

Equal Exchange is a partnership of 13 Christian church-related organizations,

over 40 small farmer organizations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the United States,

and Fair Trade organizations Equal Exchange UK, Oke USA, Traidcraft, Fullwell Mill Ltd, and Ten Thousand Villages as we build a movement for authentic Fair Trade and ultimately increase our impact in farming communities.

You can help by ordering coffee, chocolate, tea and food products. Check it out.

Serrv is a nonprofit organization with a mission to eradicate poverty wherever it resides by providing opportunity and support to artisans and farmers worldwide.

In our 65th year of operation, we are dedicated to offering you, our customers, unique handcrafted products and superior service, along with the knowledge that you are helping to build a more sustainable world for us all.

Recognized as a leader and pioneer in the fair trade movement, with origins in 1949 as one of the first fair trade organizations in the United States, Serrv has touched countless lives with opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

Serrv began with a small group of Church of the Brethren relief workers helping refugees rebuild after World War II.

Shop Serrv's unique and handcrafted fair trade items from around the world.

Fill your home and kitchen with authentic décor, handmade dishware, and stunning handcrafted baskets. Adorn yourself with gorgeous fair trade jewelry, scarves, and bags. Indulge in delicious Divine Chocolate and fair trade snacks and gourmet coffee.

Give special fair trade gifts that improve the lives of artisans and farmers worldwide.

Alternative Gifts International specializes in providing churches and organization to host their own Alternative Christmas Gift Markets.

The products they offer provide gifts of peace and justice, gifts that are sustainable and that build security.

These alternative gifts multiply and grow, sometimes exponentially, and offer hope and new life to people facing grave crises and need.

They challenge the trivia of our modern culture.

These are authentic gifts that people really use and cherish.

They always fit and are never thrown away.


Take a look at their list of gifts that inspire change.

Download a catalog of their gift opportunities.

 The BURMA HUMANITARIAN MISSION (BHM) equips backpack medics with emergency trauma care and medicine to deliver to refugees.

The medics trek through dangerous areas near the Thai-Burma border to reach the jungles.

They risk concealed landmines and army violence to deliver life-saving medicine to those in hiding.

Your gift in the name of a loved one could provide medicine in support of this vital work.    

Gifts from World Village Artisans:

Church World Service is  a cooperative relief, refugee and development agency currently comprised of 37 member communions.

The mission of CWS is to work with partners to eradicate hunger and poverty and to promote peace and justice around the world.

CWS responds to emergencies in this country and all over world.

They  are currently responding to Nepal's devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake through our partner on the ground in Kathmandu, providing emergency relief, psycho-social care and other critical assistance.

Today, CWS provides comfort in communities recovering from disasters and assist families that have been displaced.

And they provide resources and training that help people the world over gain the resources and skills necessary to sustain themselves and their families and to build viable communities.

From its earliest beginnings, CWS focused on providing assistance and resettlement services to those displaced by violence and discrimination. Today, we use our expertise in refugee resettlement to assist thousands of refugees on the road to beginning a new life in the United States. We also serve refugees where they are, helping them find safety in both urban and camp locations around the world.

You can help this most valuable work.