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Alternative Resources for Discovering and Celebrating Emmanuel Throughout the Year!

Easter is the most important event for Christians the world over.

Easter is of such importance that the Church has set aside 40 days for folks to prepare themselves and get ready for a proper celebration on April 16, 2017.

This season is called Lent and begins with Ash Wednesday, March 1 this year.

We at NewCelebrations believe that this year could be the most meaningful Easter you, your family, and your congregation have ever had.

NewCelebrations will be providing resources offered to stimulate your thinking.

10 Steps for  More Meaningful Easter

10 Tips for a Simpler More Meaningful Easter

1. Plan ahead. Instead of going on auto-pilot, hold a family meeting to decide what the group really wants to do and who’s going to do what. Observe Lent for 40 days before Easter, possibly with a study/action/prayer guide or calendar.

2. Focus on relationships with family, friends and other people, and with God, rather that on “stuff.” Spend your time, energy and money nurturing people, not things.

3. For a symbol of Easter, look to Jesus’ resurrection. Bunnies, eggs and candy have been taken over by commerce. Do they tell the story you want to tell?  More . . .

11 Ways to Appropriately Celebrate Lent

                                                      - according to Jesus

1.   Make certain you do not perform your religious duties in       public so that people will see what you do.        (Matthew 6:1)

2.   Wash your face and comb your hair. (Matthew 6:17b)   

3.   Do not put on a sad face. (Matthew 6:16)   

4.   When you pray, go to your room, close the door. (Matt 6:6)

5.   When you pray, do not use a lot of meaningless words.             (Matthew 6:7)

6.   When you give something to a needy person, do not make a        big show of it.  (Matthew 6:2)

7.   When you help a needy person, do it in such a way that even        your closest friend will not know about it.        (Matthew 6:3)

40 Day Guide for Lent and Easter

Brief sayings that include lectionary readings (Sundays and Holy Week), old sayings, facts & statistics, Old & New Testament, modern prophets & other voices, bumper stickers & billboards.

Discuss and meditate on each one, even the familiar ones.

How does it relate to our lives in this season?

1- Ash Wednesday. Read and reflect on Psalm 51: 1-17; Matt. 6:1-6, 16-21.

2- The world’s 225 richest people have a combined wealth of over $1 trillion, equal to the annual income of the poorest 47% of the world’s people (2.5 billion). –Ministry of Money

3- The one who had much did not have too much, and the one who had little did not have too little. –II Corinthians 8:15.

4- Fight prime time... read a book. –bumper sticker

. . . more

What if Lent could be more than just giving stuff up? What if it could remind us that we're here - alive and able to make a generous difference to the world around us?

Join 75,000 people doing Lent generously this year, with 40 days, 40 brand new reflections and 40 acts of generosity.

Sign up to receive  40acts emails from March1st until April 15 2017 and receive a daily dose of generosity during Lent.

You are here. Are you ready?"

100 Things to do for Lent . . .

organized around the three pillars of Lent: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

Peruse for some great ideas for stimulating your observance of Lent this year.


Worship Alternatives Items - Lent/Holy Week/Easter

Nearly 50 Links and articles collected by Simple Living - the folks formerly known as Alternatives and Alternatives for Simple Living, publishers of the Alternative Christmas Catalogue, Whose Birthday Is It Anyway?, And various publications promoting alternative celebrating.

Check it out.  There are resources for personal and corporate worship, devotions, family and group celebrations, Holy Week  and Easter observances.


Links to hundreds of web pages filled with resources for study, reflection, worship/liturgical preparation, lovingly and thoughtfully compiled by  Jenee Woodward.  

This page should be the preacher’s first stop on the road to worship preparation and planning, as well as the first stop for anyone wishing to find resources for a particular day, season, or scripture.

Check it out.