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  New Celebrations provides resources and encouragement for you to rethink what you celebrate, when you celebrate and how you celebrate what you celebrate. Each of us tends to set into a pattern of doing what we used to do – without asking the question whether there is a better, more meaningful way of using our time and energy and resources. The problem is that unless we do think about the whys and wherefores, we let outside forces define what we should do and how we should do it. The whole premise of New Celebrations is that there are always alternative ways of engaging in our celebrations that could take on more appropriate meaning for our lives. We seek this website to function as an archive of New Celebrations materials that could stimulate and inform you to do things differently. This is but one of several modals that include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email newsletter and blog.  Explore these pages and the other modes. Hopefully, something will pique your interest and provide the kind of information, inspiration and support that you will find helpful.  

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