A Time to Prepare for Christmas


Traditionally, the Church has set aside four weeks prior to Christmas as a time to prepare.  We call this time Advent.

While most of our culture does take several weeks to prepare for Christmas, most of our preparations have little to do with why we Christians celebrate Christmas in the first place.  And, the day after Christmas, it’s all over . . . and our life goes on as usual.

But, Christmas is so important to the Christmas faith. It helps to explain our relationship with each other, the world around us, and the cosmic God of  all creation.

The real message of Christmas is seldom seen, and seldom understood.

But, some do see.  Some do understand.  And each year more and more people come to see and understand.  And, some provide resources so the rest of us can see and understand.

Warning!  The use of some of these recources can change your life . . . the life of others around you . . . and the life of others you may never meet!

I have seen it happen time and time again.

There are alternative ways to observe this season and prepare for Christmas.  This Christmas could be your best ever.

I am hopeful.

Check out the Advent Conspiracy