Free Video You Can Use (You and Your Congregation)


Editor: This is so good to remember as you prepare the way you observe Mothers’ Day this year . . .

Mother’s Day is coming up and many churches want to express gratitude and love for all kinds of moms. But no church wants to overlook, alienate, or embarrass anyone. We’ve created a free guide exploring why and how churches can celebrate Mother’s Day. But now we’ve got a video that exemplifies that idea. And it’s free for your church to use.

The “We See You” video was created by Grace Church in Erie, Penn. Here’s what they had to say about how it came together:

Our Creative Team was made up of and connected to women in all walks of motherhood. We felt compelled to represent the widest breadth of “motherhood” we could on that day. We set out to have real moms share their real stories, versus scripting something for actors to portray. We crafted the statements on the boards, but those statements represented their stories. –Danielle Hartland

The video is simple shots of moms in their everyday lives, each one holding up a board with a short statement. Some are funny and some are poignant. It covers a breadth of experiences, showing the joy of motherhood and the frazzled nature of modern life (I’m reminded of the World’s Okayest Mom), as well as the pain of loss and hurt. All of these experiences can be present at your church on Mother’s Day.

Whether you use this example as simple inspiration or download it and share it on Mother’s Day, we hope it’s helpful.

Download We See You Mother’s Day video now (390 MB .mov file).

(Created by the Creative Team at Grace Church in Erie, Penn. Thanks for sharing!)

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