Prescription for Joy:




Breathe Deeply,

Relax, Enjoy, Be at

Peace, Trust, Be Trustworthy,

Bend, Plant a Geranium, Stick it

in your Hat, Have Patience, Love

Yourself, Love Others, Sing and Dance,

Make Music, Slow Down, stay Balanced,

Laugh Heartily, Have Compassion, Count your

Blessings, Bless Others, Have Fun, Read a Good

Book, Write Your Story, Nourish your Body, Mind

and Spirit, Stretch, Experiment, Learn a Lesson, Grow

and Change, Be aware of your Thoughts, Have Good Ones,

Choose Happiness, Smell the Flowers, Be of Service, Give

a Gift, Be a Blessing, Really See, Listen, Feel, Touch, Snuggle,

Be Still, Appreciate Solitude, Commune with God, Walk in

Nature, Live in the Moment, Giggle, Release Judgments, Let

Go, Move Forward, Touch, Hug, Be with a Child, Be a Child, Be

Adventurous, Take a Chance, Be Happy, Grin, Embrace your Journey,

Have a Vision, Be a Friend, Make a Friend, Stay in Touch,


Be Grateful,

Cherish Life.

© 1997 Lynn Durham 603-926-9700
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