The Magic’s In You


[‘Twas the Night Before Christmas]

The Holidays were approaching
My blood pressure was up.
No one was happy,
Not even the pup.

I felt pressured and frantic;
Had not started the baking.
Worst of all was the state
Of the things I was making.

I need gifts by the dozen
To find, wrap and label.
That doesn’t included mailings
Or decorating or table.

My breathing got rapid,
My pulse started pounding;
I stopped for a minute,
A small voice was sounding.

“Be aware of your needs,
Start to feel all your feelings;
Nurture yourself and eat well,
You need balance for healing.”

“Accept what is Present,
Let go of the Past;
You’re important as well,
Don’t put yourself last.”

Look over your duties,
Keep what’s important to you;
Tamper with traditions
In the celebrating you do.

Look carefully with Love,
Gratitude’s a must.
If you look at what’s missing,
Then your attitude – adjust.

Reach out to others,
Be supportive and kind.
The Peace in your Soul
Will bring Peace of Mind.

Use your Heart as a guide,
And just stop to listen.
Awake, Breathe, Create,
The Magic will glisten.

Love’s not in the package,
The lights or the toy,
It’s in Peace and in Kindness,
Smile – You’ll find JOY!

Happy Holidays! Wishing you Peace, Love and Joy, Lynn Durham

© 1997 All rights reserved. Lynn Durham, writer, speaker, well being coach. Programs on Stress Hardiness, Relaxation, Optimism and JOY in the journey. If you have a story, poem, or idea about a heartwarming tale or creative way to celebrate the holidays etc., please send to Lynn for possible inclusion in her book – Holiday Magic, Being Santa Claus for Yourself and JOY to Your World.

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